Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I approve my temporary employee's timesheets?

Please go to the link below and use the login provided for you.
STC Customer Portal

When will my temporary employee receive his or her timesheets?

Employees are able to access timesheets, no later than, Wednesday of each week. They may be able to access timesheets earlier in the week, depending on the completion of our payroll process.

When am I able to approve timesheets?

You can approve timesheets as soon as your temporary employee has submitted their timesheets and you have received the “Employee Timesheet Submission” email.

When is the deadline to approve weekly timesheets?

Timesheets should be approved, no later than, 10:00am each Tuesday.

May we have more than one individual receive the Employee Timesheet Submission email?

No – Only one individual is able to receive this email, obtain login information, and approve timesheets. However, you may inform us, in advance, to request that a certain individual approve timesheets for your employee.

May I have another individual within the company approve my temporary employee's timesheet?

Yes, but you will have to let us know ahead of time so we can arrange that in our system.