Staffing & Recruiting Services

Consulting Services

STC provides consultants to leading organizations, helping to reduce costs and increase effectiveness through strategic, measurable and performance driven solutions.  Whether your business needs are to start an entire department, develop existing programs, or simply guide and direct your team, we customize our services to your requirements, in order to build your bottom line.

Direct Hire Recruiting Services

We maintain relationships with thousands of vetted candidates across the nation, ready for the perfect career opportunity. We continually network and recruit fresh IT and engineering talent, allowing us to provide qualified candidates in a timely manner.

Contract-to-Hire Services

In the ever-changing markets of IT and engineering, contract-to-hire is an ideal opportunity for companies and professionals to further assess one another, in order to ensure long-term retention.  Another reason contract-to-hire has become so popular is a company’s ability to evaluate “on the job” performance, prior to making a full financial commitment.  Lastly, in order to ensure the highest caliber candidates are interested in this option, we offer medical benefits, paid time off and holidays, at no additional charge to our clients.


Looking for talent?

Please reach out to one of our Business Development Managers at (877)853-0300 or click here for help in finding the best individual for your company!